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Evp at Powerscourt





IGH at Wicklow Gaol






Connolly Railway Station is the start of our new onlineseries webisodes we've lots more in production



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Welcome to our two new members Marian Slevin and Justin Doonan

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Coming soon from IGH

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Soon Irish Ghost Hunters will be launching Paranormal Eye Radio with amazing talk shows on all aspects of the paranormal. We will interview well known people within the field from all over the world and not so well known speakers too. You too can take part in our live caller section.

At first our shows will be available as MP3 downloads on this website and podcasts via other websites and later will be broadcast live with all shows still available for download.

Our service will broadcast in better qulaity than what you get on your local FM station and will be available on the Live365 platform. Please keep checking back here for our test broadcasts which will cosist of interesting interviews and promos about your station.